Yacht Canvas Difference

New canvas can make a significant difference in the look and feel of your boat! We know this is an important investment and the options of canvas companies to work with can be overwhelming. At Yacht Canvas, Inc. we work with you to build your project to fit your individual needs, our team will take into consideration multiple factors to produce the best product for you and your vessel.


In addition, there are several additional steps we take in our construction process to leave you with a product that is cleanly built and long lasting. Our custom builds and attention to detail truly makes the difference in the durability and lifetime of your canvas. We look forward to working with you!

1. Advanced reinforcements in high tension areas which are susceptible to abrasion

2. Dodger and bimini pockets are surged on the inside to eliminate the fabric from fraying. Additionally, our pockets are a two-part pocket allowing for even tension on the canvas top.

3. Double layered dodger windows and enclosure panels give a finished look both inside and out

4. Options available to add flexible solar panels and magnetic LED lights

5. Larger cut outs in dodger and bimini pockets for straps or stainless steel struts, bound and finished for structural support

6. Exclusively use SolarFix® Thread – available in multiple colors to match or accent your canvas: a high quality thread that will hold up to harsh chemicals while maintaining its strength, longevity and appearance. SolarFix® PTFE stays strong though repeated cleanings as well as extended exposure to UV sunlight, salt water, and other harsh outdoor elements SolarFix® PTFE Thread Lifetime Limited Warranty applies

7. Superior customer service and follow through, we’re always here to help!